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1 %Temp%\word\document.xml 1,223 bytes MD5: 0x7D3AEA03945419D3FF83B84AC2A10AE4
SHA-1: 0x9A01CBF317C5FEEA67E49C2F1A875FF97AC39609
2 %Temp%\word\embeddings\oleObject0.bin 235,008 bytes MD5: 0x4050AF4AE7A764B826750C80495398B0
SHA-1: 0x6CD39E09C803C5156417E183808DDDE9FD6B3F50
3 %Temp%\word\media\image0.wmf 230,528 bytes MD5: 0xCA031335C9B8FB73E2F7A5B4D24FC676
SHA-1: 0x63C0E3D00B8FE6B4A640D8623F7337F2BADD43D9
4 %Temp%\word\numbering.xml 141 bytes MD5: 0x66E64E8EC75FB00369D5B083D0858EB5
SHA-1: 0xD05408138963B216A9E9829A3099C58A8C2C84F2
5 %Temp%\word\styles.xml 138 bytes MD5: 0x0D798FC74E3FE1CF4A518081103EB8EE
SHA-1: 0xD5EC769D7C24199E37774FD9A86E2BA6D522F203
6 %Temp%\word\_rels\document.xml.rels 670 bytes MD5: 0xB1A6F67C8229C76DA80DD10C35D2CF4E
SHA-1: 0x505E8F82176A3F2B6BF759BE7936CC023AC42076
7 %Temp%\[Content_Types].xml 732 bytes MD5: 0x83C56CDE1A5D9F9A17D4B35DF1300616
SHA-1: 0xE268AB56FCD81DB821994677B79DDEBDE37B6DD6
8 %Temp%\_rels\.rels 266 bytes MD5: 0xDCF309D6B52B99E1C0C891C2FAF03112
SHA-1: 0x8A6932EB650EB5FC0F68F291F2C61030D4D5EE30
9 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 277,430 bytes MD5: 0x8544057C4290346140F744E42E3EB19D
SHA-1: 0x40961DA07D61598D97AA2FCF3AEDEF0045DAD56D



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