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SHA-1: 0x14C438BB44E0EDF68586A7085B676CE65989804D
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SHA-1: 0x6FFF230206148A1AB2753DE1A8140A06BE18A25B
6 %Temp%\word\settings.xml 2,838 bytes MD5: 0x54DC1428560CE92CE91D9ACE96D83FA4
SHA-1: 0xB243D69A8478DF37A3461784903B155C5DECA16D
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SHA-1: 0x7B5508527637E35BD741C2A7234F0ACC4A2EADD8
11 %Temp%\[Content_Types].xml 1,445 bytes MD5: 0x0C68C545558C401710918137FDB65B84
SHA-1: 0x548AF286454075FF29E1AD6EB58C9AA4C99EF991
12 %Temp%\_rels\.rels 590 bytes MD5: 0x77BF61733A633EA617A4DB76EF769A4D
SHA-1: 0x9D7ABF0EE4EFFCECAD80C8BBFB276079A05B4342
13 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 13,424 bytes MD5: 0x8F9DDDC26579786BE54D6CE8ED1F3407
SHA-1: 0x091C536BAEAFD400FA07FEE10410EF8526CC602C



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