Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Creates a startup registry entry.
Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
Contains characteristics of an identified security risk.


Technical Details:


Possible Security Risk

Security RiskDescription
Application.Ardamax_Keylogger Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that captures user's activity and saves it to an encrypted log file. The log file can be viewed with the powerful Log Viewer.
Trojan-Spy.Ardamax!sd6 Trojan-Spy.Ardamax!sd6 is a malicious application that attempts to steal passwords, login details, and other confidential information.

Threat CategoryDescription
A spyware program that represents security risk for a local system
A keylogger program that can capture all user keystrokes (including confidential details such username, password, credit card number, etc.)


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %Temp%\@2.tmp 1,148,090 bytes MD5: 0xB2707130CE8F32AE3DA605FF9B541989
SHA-1: 0xF23EA52006E61113E7366309BEDC55BC097B825E
Spyware.Ardakey [Symantec]
Trojan-Spy.Ardamax.J [Ikarus]
2 %System%\28463\AKV.exe 468,480 bytes MD5: 0x97EEE85D1AEBF93D5D9400CB4E9C771B
SHA-1: 0x26FA2BF5FCE2D86B891AC0741A6999BFF31397DE
Spyware.Ardakey [Symantec]
not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.Ardamax.akj [Kaspersky Lab]
Keylog-Ardamax [McAfee]
Mal/Generic-L [Sophos]
MonitoringTool:Win32/Ardamax [Microsoft]
Trojan.Generic [Ikarus]
Win-Trojan/Xema.variant [AhnLab]
3 %System%\28463\DPBJ.001 492 bytes MD5: 0x7A0F1FA20FD40C047B07379DA5290F2B
SHA-1: 0xE0FB8305DE6B661A747D849EDB77D95959186FCA
(not available)
4 %System%\28463\DPBJ.002 2,536 bytes MD5: 0xCC8673F35959A6E93DA055E4EE871883
SHA-1: 0x6D3352F4FF6B17CBDED96D4144E5919EF6F18E9F
(not available)
5 %System%\28463\DPBJ.006 8,192 bytes MD5: 0x35B24C473BDCDB4411E326C6C437E8ED
SHA-1: 0xEC1055365BC2A66E52DE2D66D24D742863C1CE3D
Spyware.Ardakey [Symantec] [Kaspersky Lab]
Keylog-Ardamax.dll [McAfee]
MonitoringTool:Win32/Ardamax [Microsoft]
MonitoringTool [Ikarus]
6 %System%\28463\DPBJ.007 5,632 bytes MD5: 0xA8E19DE6669E831956049685225058A8
SHA-1: 0x6D2546D49D92B18591AD4FEDBC92626686E7E979
Spyware.Ardakey [Symantec]
not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.Ardamax.o [Kaspersky Lab]
Keylog-Ardamax.dll [McAfee]
MonitoringTool:Win32/Ardamax [Microsoft]
Virus.Win32.Ardamax.GG [Ikarus]
7 %System%\28463\DPBJ.009 918,903 bytes MD5: 0x69D3D0E3D4AF428BB121609933AA6655
SHA-1: 0x57EB4A531F32B03A89B2880044A7142E45E3331B
(not available)
8 %System%\28463\DPBJ.exe 662,016 bytes MD5: 0xB863A9AC3BCDCDE2FD7408944D5BF976
SHA-1: 0x4BD106CD9AEFDF2B51F91079760855E04F73F3B0
Spyware.Ardakey [Symantec]
not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.Ardamax.cdx [Kaspersky Lab]
Keylog-Ardamax [McAfee]
Mal/Generic-L [Sophos]
MonitoringTool:Win32/Ardamax [Microsoft]
Virus.Win32.Ardamax.CI [Ikarus]
Win-Trojan/Ardamax.662016.B [AhnLab]
9 %System%\28463\key.bin 106 bytes MD5: 0x639D75AB6799987DFF4F0CF79FA70C76
SHA-1: 0xBE2678476D07F78BB81E8813C9EE2BFFF7CC7EFB
(not available)
10 [file and pathname of the sample #1] 802,724 bytes MD5: 0xE33AF9E602CBB7AC3634C2608150DD18
SHA-1: 0x8F6EC9BC137822BC1DDF439C35FEDC3B847CE3FE
Suspicious.MH690 [Symantec]
Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax.cko [Kaspersky Lab] [McAfee]
TrojanSpy:Win32/Ardamax.AE [Microsoft]
Trojan-Spy.Win32.Ardamax [Ikarus]
Dropper/Downloader.817294 [AhnLab]


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]32,768 bytes
dpbj.exe%System%\28463\dpbj.exe913,408 bytes

Process NameMain Module Size
DPBJ.exe913,408 bytes


Registry Modifications


Other details

Remote HostPort Number



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