Submission Summary:

What's been foundSeverity Level
Downloads/requests other files from Internet.
Modifies some system settings that may have negative impact on overall system security state.
Creates a startup registry entry.
Contains characteristics of an identified security risk.


Technical Details:


Possible Security Risk

Security RiskDescription
Worm.IM.Sohanad Worm.IM.Sohanad spreads via Yahoo Messenger and infects Windows. It sends a message to all Yahoo Messenger contacts of an infected user. The message contains a link enticing users to download the worm. The worm also disable certain Windows functionalities abd hijacks Internet Explorer homepage. It also downloads other maware and it will also attempt to propagate via the means of creating copies of itself onto removable devices such as USB flash and hard drives.

Threat CategoryDescription
A malicious trojan horse or bot that may represent security risk for the compromised system and/or its network environment


File System Modifications

#Filename(s)File SizeFile HashAlias
1 %Windir%\hinhem.scr
[file and pathname of the sample #1]
1,333,760 bytes MD5: 0xEABDAE378932FA29AE4144E0B38FA8BC
SHA-1: 0x41E40936E8BA15819B66A5D60471419F47FCE99A
W32.Imaut.N [Symantec]
Trojan.Win32.Autoit.zu [Kaspersky Lab]
W32/YahLover.worm.gen [McAfee]
W32/Sohana-AM [Sophos]
Worm:Win32/Citeary.D [Microsoft]
Worm.Win32.AutoIt [Ikarus]
2 %System%\autorun.ini 106 bytes MD5: 0x461844E7B27354FFB9B1F5CAFC529C64
SHA-1: 0xF3EE2F507999A91AD23366C65F06159D79EC5478
Generic!atr [McAfee]
W32/Trax-A [Sophos]
3 %Windir%\Tasks\At1.job 354 bytes MD5: 0x466F4050BDD9F9E049144DB42F8DB01B
SHA-1: 0x613B02D8BC7018F8C6C0A34FFFB7E976861B6480
(not available)
4 %Windir%\Tasks\At2.job 354 bytes MD5: 0xC0FD387FF343DF86615784547BC086D2
SHA-1: 0xFE3A7837F767757C80D82B29F16B85FE81F4AC82
(not available)
5 %Windir%\Tasks\At3.job 354 bytes MD5: 0x1B07DF04A505B35EBC3C7A2E65A8073F
SHA-1: 0xFB48F59F844DD5661355ADA313FDD56DA4B80762
(not available)


Memory Modifications

Process NameProcess FilenameMain Module Size
[filename of the sample #1][file and pathname of the sample #1]749,568 bytes
scvshosts.exe%System%\scvshosts.exe749,568 bytes
hinhem.scr%Windir%\hinhem.scr749,568 bytes
scvshosts.exe%Windir%\scvshosts.exe749,568 bytes
blastclnnn.exe%System%\blastclnnn.exe749,568 bytes


Registry Modifications


Other details

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